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Generative Game UGC
You Say - The AI Build. In Minutes.
Your Games. Right Now. Anywhere.

Sefi is building the next platform for creating games.
zero-development Game-UGC. the AI is all yours.

the crazy numbers that rule
the immersive content market


$K for a minimum quality


months is your



people takes to from inception to production


above dev.revenue, is the margin players pay


billion dollars by 2025 is the gaming market size

persona-driven game inception


sefi is an engine that funnels your users-data through generative ai models that build personalized game-based content for your customers. 

opening revenue channels for you

once our API is active with you, you can engage your segmented base with highly engaging content representing their interests with your content.

the most common need

sefi is automating the highest human need: self actualization. Creating the best engagement environment for your users and clients.


stop working through boring texts or video explainers and start letting your customer base play with your content.


Whatever you imagine - You Play

Sefi AI Generative Gaming


Into Diffusion Models or

Game Development?

We want you!

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